Case Study

The Project

Dr. TT Institute of Technology, KGF was the venue for the VTU (Visweswaraya Technological University) Sports Meet. The event which spans 4 days, had 416 athletes from 256 colleges across Karnataka, converging at the venue to compete in 34 events. The college approached us to design & create an app that would help manage the event by dispensing all information about the event - mainly Schedule, Results & Live Updates.


We designed the solution such that the app would be the one-stop repository for anyone wanting information about the event. From live scores or schedule to finding directions to & within the college, anyone attending the event or following it remotely would only have to install the app. In addition, the app also incorporated features to ensure the convenience of attendees in locating transportation to the venue.

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Application Features

A user accessing the app could view all the 256 colleges participating in the event which would further flow down to the list of athletes from that college along with their medal tally if any. The user could view the schedule of all events spread across the 4 days, including information on the location in the college it would be held. A leaderboard option displayed the list of colleges according to their points & medal tallies which would dynamically change according to the results of each event. The user could use the ‘Live’ option to view the status of events that were currently being conducted. Notifications were regularly sent when an event started, ended or when rankings changed. A Social wall had pictures of the event streaming continuously.

In addition to meeting the functional requirements, we went a step ahead to ensure the app added value to the participants. Based on our observations of travel to venue being unorganized, A bus tracking feature was incorporated which used google maps. Using this, the location of the college buses picking & dropping participants could be monitored. The college being spread over a large area with events dispersed in different grounds, the app provided a venue guide, which when opened would locate where you are at the venue with directions on reaching different facilities like various event grounds, office, canteen, rest room, hostel etc.

Attendees at the event could take selfies & post to Facebook via the App. Live updates & images of events were streamed continuously.

Key Technologies

Value Added

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